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Pamela Fordham is a teacher in Western New York.  Her parents, also career educators, moved to Western New York when Pam was two, and the Western New York community began the “village work” of making her into a teacher.  Teaching has created countless opportunities to collaborate with her colleagues and her students  in many different capacities, and for that she is most grateful.  In addition to teaching high school English, she also created and taught Race in America, a course  for students to learn about and participate in discussions that focused intensely on the issues related to race in America.  


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Pam strives to be more than a writing teacher; she hopes to be known as a teacher who writes.  She has published poems, articles, reviews and essays.  Some of her published work can be found on this website, in the Afro American Historical Association’s Journal of Afro-American History, and the Alert of the Amherst Education Association. She also compiled a collection of her own poetry and essays in Woman which was adapted into a play. 

Pam has never embraced the belief that “those who can’t do, teach,” so she stays engaged in the “doing” by writing poems, editorials, and essays.  She embraces the “write life” by following wherever her ink pen leads.

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