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The "Just Doing My Part" Blog is a collection of my favorite original pieces on a variety of topics ranging from race relations to family to the highs and lows of being a teacher.  Enjoy!

Who Will Tell My Story?

Today I busied myself

Letting go so I could be absorbed

In images depicting the pain of New Orleans “refugees”

The dead covered in white sheets

Lying in the street exposed for the whole world to see

Nameless casualties, powerful symbols, but ultimately insignificant.

What lifeless faces lies beneath those sheets?

What is their story?

Who will tell it?

I spent the day blanketing myself in counted blessings

But that failed to suppress memories of the flood

And the silence of these walls that protect me from imaginary horrors

I am so inconsequential

When the sheet is pulled back exposing my lifeless face,

Who will know my story?

Who will tell it?

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