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Counter Culture

Do you know someone who is contributing to the Counter Culture Movement?

The "Greensboro Four" were four young black men who staged a sit-in at Woolworth's lunch counter during the Civil Rights Movement in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Their names were Ezell Blair Jr., David Richmond, Franklin McCain and Joseph McNeil. Their courageous act of sitting at the restaurant counter might seem simple, but they were countering a culture that was rooted in systemic racism. 


Unfortunately, some of the ideas they challenged still exist today.  I believe, just like in the 1960s, today's young people will play a powerful role in bringing about the positive changes needed in the world today.  Keep scrolling and meet some of the phenomenal young people who are challenging stereotypes, influencing the culture, and shaping the future.

Megan Koury
Khalif Thompson
Made by Mek
Maria Alaimo, Aden Clemente, Darion Frederick
Juwan Baker
Diamond Rogers
Neon Sign

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These Teens Told Their High School to "Stay Woke!" 

Maria Alaimo, Aden Clemente and Darion Frederick: Frederick

Photo Credit Above: James P. McCoy

Hanging White Shoes

Made by Mek is making the world a better place... one shoe at a time.

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Megan Koury isn't just "talking the talk." She is "walking the walk"...literally.

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Juwan Baker 3.png

Juwan Baker is the CEO of Cap Fitness, and he going to help you shape up! Stay tuned for more information about how this young man is going to help you be your best self: mind, body and spirit.

Open Book

Move over poet laureates and make room for Diamond Rogers!  This young lady's poetry is going to make you wish had more fingers to snap. Stay tuned for a sample of some of her lyrical loveliness.  She is shining bright like a diamond.

Online Shopping

Content creator Khalif Thompson is doing the most, and he is doing it all the best ways!  Whether he is creating videos or designs for his own clothing line, this young man will make you pay attention. Stay tuned for links to his popular vlogs, or if you just can't wait check him out on his YouTube channel Khalif DIY

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