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Mother Me! By Donnetta Norris


Teenage mom – young and naïve

Still a child, herself

Relying on the family

Who cared for us both.


High School Graduate

Air Force Service

Making the best of

An unplanned situation.


Young grandmother – wisdom, her crown

A blessing to us all

Caring for a new born

As if she were her own


Leave of absence

Full-time Nan-Nan

Making the most of

An unplanned situation


In my life, I have been mothered by two moms, three if you count my


Mama and Nan-Nan did everything they knew to care for and love me.

They raised me to respect myself and others, to keep my pants up and

my dress down, and to beat a fail with a try.

Their love and support gave me the confidence to believe I could do anything.

Though I may have been unplanned, the way they mothered me proved

I was never unwanted.

Donnetta Norris 2_edited.jpg
Donnetta Norris_edited.jpg
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