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Anti-Racist Teaching Resources

Discussion Questions

Remixed and Excerpted from

How to Be an Anti-Racist  by Ibram X. Kendi


“Book Club Kit Discussion Questions”

How can educators acknowledge our own racist behaviors and attitudes?​

Is “calling out” racism the most effective way to counter its effects?

Kendi thinks racist and anti-racist ideas can be identified based on what ideas and policies are supported—and not necessarily the words that are being expressed.  Do you agree with him? Why or why not?  

Kendi makes the case that to be anti-racist, one must stand against all forms of bigotry. Why is standing against other bigotries so essential to standing against racism?

Kendi believes we can defy the odds, heal society of racism, and create an anti-racist society. Do you? Why is hope so central to the antiracist movement?

What is a specific step you, personally, can take in striving to be an anti-racist?

Can you identify literature or assignments that have been useful in facilitating anti-racist discussion in your classes?

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